LA Dating Tips

4 Ways to Meet Singles in Los Angeles

Dating is hard in Los Angeles, a city filled with more than 9 million residents. Los Angeles dating is difficult for numerous reasons. Some people find the city filled with superficial people who always want more than they already have, which makes dating hard. Others find dating in L.A. hard because the city’s size keeps them from meeting people or because they don’t know where to start to meet singles. No matter why you find dating in Los Angeles hard, the ideas below make finding someone to share your lonely days with a bit easier, even in this massive-sized city.

1. Dating Sites

It’s a virtual world and many people spend considerable amounts of their time online. This includes using dating sites. Considering the difficulty of meeting other people in L.A. poses, many people like the ease of using the dating sites. It puts many people together in one area, which is beneficial in the city. Many singles use dating sites to meet other people. It’s discreet and easier than going out to the bar scene or beaches to meet people. Some dating sites are free; most charge small monthly membership fees.

2. Bar Scene

Los Angeles is filled with hundreds of bars. And while they’re not all suitable for meeting singles, many provide the perfect time for those without that beau on their shoulders. Find the best bars in Los Angeles for singles and make plans to attend one or two that suits your interests. Some of the best singles bars in Los Angeles include names like Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, The Roger Room, and Edendale.
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3. Join a Group

Cooking classes, martial arts groups, art groups, and many other types of groups meet up at regular intervals in Los Angeles. Some are tailored to singles. Make plans to attend a few of these groups. At a minimum, you’ll meet new friends.
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4. Speed Dating

Throughout Los Angeles, busy people use speed dating to help find new love interests. Although results for speed dating vary, it makes for a fun evening out. Besides, you may very well be the person who succeeds in using a speed dating service. Meeting people in Los Angeles isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, especially if you want someone special to spend time with. However, meeting others in L.A. isn’t impossible if you have the right strategy in place. Use the four tips above if you are single, new to the city, and ready to meet new people.