Why Is Dating So Hard in the USA?

los angeles dating
Dating in Los Angeles and New York should be easy, considering its home to more than 9 million people who live different lifestyles and have different needs in their partner. But dating is as big of a nightmare as the traffic. The city is filled with single people who would love to have that S.O.S. nearby, yet they’re stuck, going home to their cat each night and call escorts Westchester services. What exactly is it about Los Angeles and New York that causes such difficulty for the single row?

The “I Want Better” Attitude

los angeles datingA handful of people move to L.A. and N.Y. specifically to date famous people. Many of these individuals aren’t shy about telling dates they don’t meet their expectations when they don’t find them desirable enough, rich enough, or find other flaws. Other than looking at the great person before them, they set their sights of bigger, better and more.

The City is Too Big

LA big cityThat hottie from Santa Monica may seem closeby, but everyone knows that getting through one ‘burb to the next is in itself difficult, much less traveling to another city to enjoy someone’s company. The large city also causes our friends to be scattered around the city, so getting together with everyone at the same time is rarely possible. The large size of the city is a disadvantage for single men and women.

Car to Bar

los angeles datingMany residents spend a lot of time in their cars. Meeting someone isn’t easy when you drive from car to bar and back home again. To meet other people, you must venture out (of the car) Which poses another challenge, since many of the biggest and best events in the city are secretive, invite-only parties and gatherings.

Wrong Areas

wrong dating areaLos Angeles is a large city, so knowing the right places to spend time is important when you are single, looking to meet others. For example, Sunset Strip is the perfect hangout spot for people in their 20s, but not so thrilling of the 40s crowd, although Silverlake is fantastic for the 30s -something crowd.

Like other cities, Los Angeles and New York have their fair share of problems for singles. However, it seems that they are prone to these problems and singles have a harder time finding someone special here than in other cities of equal size. The issues above are among the biggest reasons dating is so hard.