6 Reasons Dating in Los Angeles is Different Than Dating Anywhere Else

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People move out of Los Angeles because the fact is, the dating scene in the city sucks. It’s sad but true. If you are single in L.A, you may know firsthand how troublesome finding S.O.S. is in this city before considering calling elite escorts. Dating in L.A. is even more difficult than dating in New York City, where there are 89,000 more singles. What is it about Los Angeles that causes such dating difficulty? There are endless reasons why L.A. causes dating difficulties, including the six below.

1. Miles Apart

Everything fun in Los Angeles is way over there. It seems that even a short drive takes longer in L.A. That’s because the city is big, in both population and square footage. Dating is not easy when everyone you meet lives what seems to be lightyears away.
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2. You’re Not the Best

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s a cold, harsh fact of life for many people in Los Angeles. Many people in L.A. live a luxurious, upscale life. They’re always searching for the best person to date and that oftentimes leaves the regular Joe’s and Jane’s out in the cold when someone else has more money, better plastic surgery, a larger house or a faster car.
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3. Never Slow Down

Much like New York City, Los Angeles is a city that is always ‘on.’’ Day and night, people never slow down in Los Angeles. They have agendas and deadlines to meet and always seem to be in a hurry. Dating is not easy in Los Angeles but there is even more strain when you never slow down.

4. A Networking Opportunity

Los Angeles is a busy city filled with inspiring actors, musicians, models, and the ‘next best thing.’ It’s sometimes difficult to tell if a person is really into you or simply wants to use you as another networking or marketing opportunity. This leaves a sour taste in many people’s mouths, causing them to shy away from the dating scene.
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5. Kids in the Picture

As horrible as it sounds, it’s yet another reality of life as a single person in a superficial city. Dating when you are a parent leaves you at a great disadvantage. You have less time to get on the scene to meet people and the pool shrinks even more since a lot of singles want a person who can devote their time and energy to the relationship.

6. A Virtual World

The average person has 7 social media accounts and spends more than 2 hours per day using these sites. They also spend time online using other websites. This means that people spend a good portion of their day online -when they aren’t working their 9 to 5. How can you meet someone who is at home on their PC?